Values matter and experience is invaluable.

Never giving up, my unquenchable thirst for learning new things, speaking 7 languages (and counting), my homemade croissants, and my zero shame game - listening to Christmas music all year long.

what i'm known for:

My career in Growth Equity began when I picked up the phone and answered “Good morning, Insight Partners.” I quickly fell in love with the world of Growth and worked my way to Vice President at Insight, then Principal at ICONIQ Capital before launching my own fund. I've evaluated investments in 35 countries, seen 28 deals close, been involved in boards in 5 countries, and am a TOTAL DEAL JUNKIE.

Founding Partner

Elodie Dupuy

Being extremely pragmatic, listening before analyzing, writing programs for gaming, and "casually" walking a 6:15 mile. 

what i'm known for:

While studying at Princeton, I realized I had a passion for creating tech that makes managing businesses much more effective. In between stints at Microsoft and a startup in San Francisco, I spent 8 years at Bridgewater, building the tech that systematically manages over $150b in AUM. I couldn't be more excited about the results we will see as we bring that same systematic, data and model-driven approach to venture capital.

Founding Partner

Eric Tonkyn

Being a pro-tennis coach, my passion for health and fitness, my love of animals, having lived all over the world and being the greatest story teller in the room. 

what i'm known for:

I have 25 years of experience in business management, spanning 3 continents and 5 languages — the first half spent as an executive of companies like GE, the second launching startups and growing digital operations. I have served multiple times as CEO, turning around a couple of SME’s and managing operations of up to 3,000 people. I am a scholar of the common patterns on the path from startup to grown-up, and believe success is largely designed into organisations.

Managing Partner

Maurizio De Franciscis

Being a huge Philadelphia sports fan, being the coolest accountant in the room, and my accounting intern (aka my puppy who is fittingly named Cash 😊)

what i'm known for:

I have been working for software focused VC/PE firms for most of my career and have managed funds ranging from $40M to $5B. It’s fun being surrounded by people who dream big and are changing the world through technology. While I am a bean counter by trade, my true passion is focusing on companies and the people that build them. Helping to foster a culture of inclusion, curiosity, and respect is my ultimate goal. 

Managing Partner

Tina Philip

Not needing sleep, using duct tape to fix everything and cycling 80 miles on any given Saturday for fun.

what i'm known for:

After graduating from the University of Texas at Austin (Hook ‘em), I spent 3 years at Strategy and Accenture focused on M&A, from pre-deal diligence to post merger integration strategy. Projects included integration strategy at a $33 billion biotech merger and due diligence for a $15 billion luxury retail merger. Now I am focusing my knowledge and expertise to help dedicated founders successfully grow their companies.

Director of Portfolio Success

Niket Parikh

Finding creative approaches to solving problems, playing jazz guitar, not having an inside voice, and being declared a "swamp creature" by at least one entrepreneur.

what i'm known for:

I love working with entrepreneurs to reshape industries through technology. Before working with Full In Partners, I spent three years at Notch Partners, where I worked at the intersection of private equity buyout investors and technology CEOs developing proprietary investment theses and deal ideas. I’m a proud graduate of Davidson College (Go Wildcats) and am an avid fan of Florida’s many underachieving sports teams.

Investment Principal

Jacob Cole

Asking people to “tell me more”, Wikipedia rabbit holes, pub trivia, stories about my seven siblings, and Notre Dame football. 

what i'm known for:

I've always been fascinated by people’s life stories – how did they get to here and why? In short, I care about the humans behind the businesses. That passion first led me to Notch Partners, where I worked to identify investment opportunities in the fintech space. At Full In, I get to work with entrepreneurs to help unlock the next phase of growth for their companies, fulfilling my passion for maximize the human experience for businesses and their people.


Sean Hager

Team-first attitude, grit, and attention to detail. Sports analogies, philosophical contemplations about life, and my global travel bucket-list.

what i'm known for:

I got my first exposure to (and fell in love with) the world of entrepreneurship when I became the founder of my very own lemonade stand at the age of 7. I haven’t looked back since. Prior to joining Full In, I spent three years at Notch Partners helping tech CEOs develop proprietary investment theses. I’m a proud graduate of Georgetown University (Hoya Saxa!) and am enthusiastic about traveling and sports.


Joseph Kim

Measuring twice and cutting once. A dance virtuoso who can also carry a tune. Part-time creative, full-time renaissance man who is ambidextrous.

what i'm known for:

After starting my career at a Big 4 CPA firm, I made ‘the jump’ to the private side, spending the better part of a decade helping to scale up a boutique Hedge Fund into a ~$9B (AUM) business. Now on the Private Equity side of the world, number crunching is still at my core. My passion is sharing the best practices I’ve learned with enterprises, entrepreneurs and the stellar teams that support them, to promote an inquisitive, dynamic, and authentic environment. 

Vice President, Finance

Hamilton Dunrisse

Empathic leader and trusted advocate, friend to animals with an adventurous spirit who loves incorporating new inspiration in day-to-day duties, self-proclaimed undercover geek, resilience is my superpower.

what i'm known for:

With a vast background in Human Resources and a passion for always acquiring knowledge, the team at Full In tasked me with building and managing the firm's Human Resources department where we are the Keepers of the Culture. Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought I’d be this happy.

Vice President, Human Resources

Erica Kimble

Being on/off “prep”, my love for action movies, travel and food, the need to ‘always be learning’ and my ability to recall the most random details.

what i'm known for:

I’m a career Executive Assistant, working in every environment from traditional corporate to startups. I’m equal parts eternal student, empathetic nurturer and diplomatic gatekeeper who is happiest being an effective resource for smart, passionate people.

Executive & Office Assistant

Nicole Lewis

Speaking the truth, decorating for Christmas on Halloween, pulling over at every antique shop on road trips, and hosting a quarterly Jane Austen Supper Club for friends.

what i'm known for:

I started my career at Insight Partners as the Marketing Manager where I managed everything from PR, social media, and content strategy to graphic design and events. I left Insight to start my own consulting firm where I help clients create beautiful brands they love. I'm passionate about helping people make the ideas and designs they have in their dreams into a beautiful reality.

Director of Brand Strategy & Marketing

Alexa Bennett